By spanning consulting, services, technology and solutions, Bawn can help your business grow, reduce risk, increase profits, and gain competitive advantage.


Our consulting offer covers advisory, strategy, management, risk & audit. We do this through rigorous thinking that combines insight and innovation to deliver outcomes.

  • Advisory
  • Done well, Information Technology helps aid growth, speed and innovation while also reducing risk and cost that allows clients to increase profits and take competitive advantage. Without the practical level of governance, controls and design, it can become a complex and costly proposition increasing risk.

    We bring to our clients a combination of industry knowledge, expertise and experience that makes a big difference.

    By defining, developing and implementing approaches and methodologies we deliver to our clients needs that drive real business value.

    Bawn Advisory helps our clients by delivering to a range of requirements that are:

    – Business & IT strategy alignment
    – Architecture
    – Sourcing advisory
    – Cost improvement
    – Program and project management.

  • Strategy
  • Organisations are facing increased demands driven by a complete paradigm shift in the way products and services are purchased, sold and delivered. The imperative now is to get value from innovative technology solutions like cloud computing and analytics to reduce cost, risk and speed up initiatives and operations.

    This is where we help. Our Strategy & Architecture people possess the attitude, talent, experience and knowledge of technology past, present and future to assist in defining innovative strategies to embrace change without introducing stability and security risks.

    The insight we provide allows our clients to explore business opportunities provided by new technology and how to use them to innovate in a practical way, by digging deep to clearly understand the rationale for the proposed IT capabilities, and how to align them to ensure business and IT deliver strategic outcomes.

  • Management
  • Great outcomes in organisations come from knowing exactly what is needed to deliver and measure the outcome. Having an infrastructure in place that pulls information together faster and more efficiently simply isn’t enough.

    We deliver the right insight when it counts to make a difference. At our core are expert practitioners that bring a proven approach to delivering large wide reaching technology transformations. Technology is rarely the inhibitor to getting the outcome, mostly it’s a business issue be it finance, governance, process, change or feasibility.

    This is our approach we dig deep into the fundamental aspects that will achieve a successful outcome. Our experts bring specific finance, technology, governance and change insight to enable clients to get faster, smarter and lower risk outcomes.

  • Risk & Audit
  • Risk is a reality that every organisation needs to address. To deliver new capabilities, refine existing ones, or retire those that are redundant, all require an organisation to accept risk. Now risk is varied, can be larger, more unpredictable and is entwined across business process, applications and infrastructure. It is also magnified by rapidly changing economies, demand shifts, complex regulatory requirements and shifting technology trends.

    Instead of traditional reactive, project and compliance approaches we proactively build strategic, enterprise capabilities that pre-emptively focus on business benefits. We make risk management more about opportunity.

    Our clients rely on us to create and implement risk management approaches that generate efficiency, improve client outcomes and increase quality standards. Compliance in a complex landscape where process, people and technology are tightly intertwined. This requires a high level of understanding across multiple areas where our certified experts deliver credible outcomes.

    Our Audit services ensure compliance with standards across facilities, infrastructure, technology and business process. We also ensure your people have the level of skill, certification and clearance to ensure compliance with the many standards across health, government, financial services and education.


Our holistic service offering encompasses the planning, building and operating of technologies for and within your business. Not only does Bawn help identify what you need, we can help implement it, and keep it running indefinitely.

  • Plan
  • Often in todays climate IT is stretched way beyond to take on new projects or business initiatives. This predicament is commonplace in many organisations with unexpected challenges always presenting themselves.

    That’s where our planning services help. By using our approach to solution architecture, integration and project management we can help. We take the complexities and delays out of planning allowing clients to remain focused on solving the problem without starting from scratch each and every time.

    Our approach improves our clients outcomes by ensuring their solutions connect with and complement one another. Planning to architect an integrated solution isn’t just about the technology. The people and processes require alignment to get value from the technology. We bring insightful understanding of the business issues and process gaps to ensure your initiative is effective.

    Clients benefit from the services we offer for:

    – Process integration & optimisation
    – Program, Project and technology rationalisation
    – Application development
    – Governance
    – Road map development
    – Architecture development & evolution

  • Build
  • Our team pave the way for successful implementations. During any building phase clients need the best people to deliver the outcome with the reliable support they need to deliver to you.

    Clients benefit from experienced and committed project, contract, quality and requirements management experts that are backed by the best engineers and analysts to deliver your business driven initiative.

  • Operate
  • When clients require everything to be up and running, we are still there for you. Our operating services consist of ITIL aligned operational and lifecycle services:

    We offer complete application, infrastructure, workplace, data centre, network and security services. In these environments we provide highly skilled professionals to augment, increase capacity or provide specialised expertise to support our client’s internal teams.

    Clients also benefit from our strategic operational review services where we create efficiencies by analysing IT Spend and applying industry best practices to reduce expense without sacrificing service.


Through our sourcing and brokerage of technology, we can help you find, choose and negotiate whatever technologies are needed to deliver the absolute best results for your business. 

  • Source
  •  The economic and competitive pressures faced today means our clients continually re-examine the value generated from their technology investments. At Bawn we bring a structured approach to lowering costs across our clients environments through cost savings, cost avoidance and cost recovery strategies.

    We adopt and leverage industry best practices, then combine it with our benchmark data and knowledge to deliver value. We also leverage a network of commercial supplier relationships, to help clients maximise value.

    The portfolio of infrastructure expense, license, cloud and telecommunications offerings we have, deliver demonstrable value as much as 70% reductions in some cases.

  • Brokerage
  • Clients often require a level of partnership to succeed. The diverse nature of platforms today requires a best off breed approach to reduce risk, cost and the time to deliver.

    We help bring and develop partnerships at national and international levels creating links between clients and the industry innovators. We’ve gained considerable experience in the field executing on the brokerage of these partnerships either as prime contractor or facilitator providing advisory services.

    Multiple “best of breed” providers can also present the challenge of streamlined sourcing, financing and governance. Bawns methodologies and access to finance underwriters that truly understand technology and utility consumption models ensures a brokered approach is efficient and simple in operation.


We have a variety of solutions that can offer tremendous value to your business. Through analytics and big data we provide deep insight, cloud and infrastructure allows flexibility and efficiency, and your physical location can provide unseen advantages.

  • Analytics
  • The way in which data is used is changing dramatically, the amount, the way in which it’s structured and the business value it now presents is staggering. We provide clients a foundation for information management and analytic capabilities to deliver insightful information about now, long ago and what the future may present.

    The ability to gain insights from data means our clients make better decisions faster. From strategy to execution, we help health, government and private sector clients to deliver analytic capabilities for real insight. This helps clients capitalise on data to improve many things, your operations, ability to compete and increase revenues, enhance peoples safety and mesh your data with many other external sources to name just a few.

    Business changing breakthroughs occur when different types of data can interact internal to a business or external. We identify internal information assets, and external information sources, that allow us to define for clients how this can deliver platforms, business intelligence and real time dashboards to achieve faster better decision making and innovative business breakthroughs. 

  • Big Data
  • It’s big and proliferating like never before, just last year more data was created than in history. Data now comes from everywhere, social media, sensors for traffic, climate, and utilities to digital pictures, videos all posted online. Not to mention exploding transaction records and the data being generated from mobile devices including location data.

    Big data is a big opportunity to find insight to make your business more agile. We deliver practical ways to harvest and manage this data from the bedrock platforms to the stratosphere applications that we design & build specifically with your needs first and foremost.

    Our solutions enhance core big data platforms and are designed to integrate and operate within your existing IT infrastructure and applications. We ensure that any solutions we plan, build or operate for you are manageable; easy to navigate, secure and provide value by being simple to extract value from your data. 

  • Cloud
  • Cloud has some big promises for efficiency and speed, what Bawn provides is the capability and experience to build and distribute integrated applications and workflows anywhere in the cloud or meshed into your own environment.

    To change your applications, whether new ones or migrating/replacing existing applications is expensive and time consuming. The process of design, build, test and deployment of the platforms and that underlying application workflow migration requires experience to avert high cost and risk. Our clients grapple with issues of cost, complexity, speed and agility. Everyone is considering cloud technologies as the alternative for change but most experience a 10:1 cost magnification without the right guidance.

    Bawn knows and understands how cloud will become the preferred enabler for application development, management and lifecycle. What we do is make it achievable without complexity and high cost or risk. What we offer is realistic assessment, unbiased metric based evaluation and the ability to implement to ensure you truly gain depth on what cloud will mean to your balance sheet, speed to deliver and operational tempo. 

  • Infrastructure
  • To be responsive to demands and gain savings from an open environment for innovation and transformation agile infrastructure is the enabler whether it be your own or cloud computing environments the ability to execute quickly, cheaply with low risk are the 3 tenants to succeed.

    Our objectives are to enable clients to quickly take control of costs, enhance security, improve the ability to support the business, and create self supporting longer term improvements. We have a proven approach to infrastructure that considers sourcing strategies, technology requirements and standards, project demands, security requirements and asset lifecycle.

    Clients benefit from our approach to creating agility in infrastructure that is manageable, cost effective, highly secure and not disruptive to the business.

  • Location & Geo Spatial
  • Demanding insight into your geographic surroundings is at the psyche of anyone and any business.

    Governments, the private sector and people take a reference to where they are, what they are doing, what’s next and what historically happened in an area or point. It’s a complex area where we leverage our expertise and work with you to understand the opportunity that location and geo spatial data presents for you.

    The explosion of sensors that have positional information is nothing but opportunity for any organisation, it just needs to be relevant, timely and tailored for the user to have any value. That’s where we excel, our ability to understand the platforms, data and use cases for geo spatial and location data puts us at the forefront of value based adoption that delivers big value to our clients.